How to start a Fitness Journey?

The internet can be overwhelming when searching for a way to start your fitness journey. With countless diets and workout routine, starting your fitness journey can be scary. Here is a basic guide to help you start your fitness journey. Measuring your progress One important step in getting on your fitness journey is tracking your […]

The Ultimate Activewear for Men! Get a Special Discount on WPN IceSkin Technology!

Who is WPN Activewear? The ultimate activewear for men. Combining style, performance and comfort. The first Australian company to feature IceSkin™ technology. WPN believe that through innovative design, engineering and technology they can help athletes to perform at the highest level and become the person they aspire to be. Last year, WPN. launched a brand exclusively for men […]

APT Introduces New BodyART™ Training

What is BodyART? What makes BodyART so unique? It’s a fusion of all my worlds and beliefs in positive safe effective training that is challenging and joyful at the same time. BodyART is a fusion of therapy, strength & awareness, functional exercise, pilates, yoga inspired, dynamic and static, breathing, cardio, stretching and relaxation. Your mind & body is […]