How to throw a winning orange this Chap Goh Mei

How to Throw a Winning Orange this Chap Goh Mei

Chap Goh Mei

Chap Goh Mei – popularly known in this corner of the world as Chinese Valentine’s Day – is celebrated on the 15th day of the Chinese New Year. The origins of the annual shot put competition are unknown, though most believe it has its roots in the Penang Peranakan community.


Come February 22 this year, single ballers will once more stand poised on the brink of fate as they pitch oranges into rivers to be scooped up by eager gentlemen in boats, thus proving that fitness and love have been two sides of the same coin since time immemorial.

To prepare for this momentous occasion, here’s an easy guide to getting the most out of your orange (in addition to writing your phone number on it in large, clear print).

How to Throw Your Orange

You wish you threw like a girl.
You wish you threw like a girl.

Grip: Hold the orange gently with your fingers; there should be a gap between the orange and your palm. This minimises friction and ensures a good, hard throw.

Stance: A good throw involves the entire body. With your throwing arm furthest away from the target, stand facing sideways. Your feet should be slightly further apart than your shoulders. This increases the accuracy of your throw.

Keep your head upright and your front foot facing forward.

Hold the orange close to your chest.

Rotate and Whip: It’s time to throw! These steps are sped up when you’re in motion but we’ve broken them down for your benefit.

Step forward with your front foot, pushing off your back foot.

Keeping the orange facing downwards as much as possible, bring your throwing arm up so that it looks like the letter L. Your elbow should be at shoulder level with your arm straight up and the orange should now be facing behind you.

You will look like an extra in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Orange at this point.

Rotate your torso till you are facing your target, keeping your arm in the L shape.

At the last possible moment, snap your wrist forward with your arm following through. Use your fingers and wrists to throw the orange! To infinity and beyond! Or not, because the only known life in outer space right now is sea plankton.

Whether you believe in strong-arming your way to love or not, orange you glad you learned how to throw?

The throw is just the beginning. Stay fit with more activities and classes on KFit.

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