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5 Foods You Need to Eat During the Haze To Stay Healthy

As the haze is a yearly occurrence the best way to prepare yourself beforehand and during is to eat right and provide your body the right nutrients. Here are the 5 foods you need to eat to stay healthy:


Salmon is rich in Omega-3 and contains the healthy oils you need to improve dry skin. It also contains Selenium, Vitamin C and E which all aid in cell repair and reduces inflammation. Here are 3 delicious Salmon recipes we want to share with you from our favourite foodie Kitchenmess:

Grilled Miso Salmon
Baked Salmon with Lemon-Dill Yoghurt Sauce
Pan-seared Lemongrass Salmon with Lime

Sorry to leave you feeling hungry…

Note: Other sources of Omega-3 can come from Tuna, Mackerel and Olive oil.

Nuts and Seeds

Prepare your own trail mix and carry it around as a healthy snack option and include almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds in particular; to get your needed dose of vitamin E and Selenium. These nuts will help boost your immune system and aid cell repair. Your lungs will thank you!

Vitamin C and E Rich Foods

Both Vitamin C and E help to repair damaged cells and boost your immune system. Get your vitamin C from oranges, kiwi or pineapples and Vitamin E from eggs, tofu, broccoli or spinach.
Vitamin C and E also work together to give you healthier lung tissue, and what this means is your lungs will be protected against inflammation destroying it. Yes! Each time you inhale toxins your lung tissue suffers (Gasp!)


Age-old tradition says that gargling with warm spinach juice is a super effective cough remedy, so who are we to question tradition? Gargle away!


Yes we know, vinegar isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. However, it is proven to be highly effective in dissolving mucus and reducing inflammation. Simply mix two tablespoons of vinegar in a glass of water and gulp quickly!

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