Top 3 Spine & Joint Conditions You Don’t Realize You Have


As many fitness enthusiasts are aware, injuries can be quite common in the course of your weekly workouts, especially if you skimp on the basics and don’t spend enough time getting your form and posture right. You can even be prone to these injuries if you’re inactive for long periods of time! Here are some of the top injuries you don’t realize you have.

Slipped Discs

Slipped disc(s) is a common injury that can happen even to the strongest and fittest of individuals. However those who participate in contact/high impact sports are at increased risks of developing a slipped disc. Common movements like jumping and landing and even a simple movement like picking something up from the ground could also injure a disc. By strengthening the back muscles through specific exercises and by paying close attention to the spine, the potential of a slipped disc injury can be minimised.

Poor Posture

Your posture is the window to your spine. Whilst poor posture is not an injury, it can lead to serious spinal conditions if not addressed at an early stage. Long hours seated at a workdesk together with a constant need to look at our smartphones/tablets adds to the chances of developing a habit of poor posture. A simple self-check to see if you have bad posture is to look at yourself in the mirror from the side. If your shoulders are rolled forward and your head is in front of your shoulders, you may have a poor posture. To minimise the risk of injuries taking place as a result of poor posture, get a postural check and find out what active steps you could take to strengthen your muscles to assist in improve your posture.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries don’t just happen on the court or field. They can also result from workouts at the gym and overdoing daily activities such as gardening and cleaning. If these injuries are not addressed quickly, they can escalate in severity and affect your daily movements. It is important to know the correct thing to do when a sports injury takes place as it can help reduce the severity of the injury as well as the time needed to heal.


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