Why you Should Workout in a Group

Let’s face it – going to a new gym class and meeting new people can be extremely intimidating. Plus, you don’t always look your best when you’re struggling through the last few seconds of a downward dog pose, so it helps to have a friend with you who can see the funny side!

Friends who workout together, stay together! Check out some of these reasons you can use to convince some of your pals to start KFitting with you!

1. Learn and adapt quickly
Working out in groups tends to help you learn more quickly, and master techniques as you have trainers and peers to observe. Just don’t stare for too long ok?!

2. New challenges everyday
Every class you go to offers a different challenge. Can you beat your previous best? Are you performing the technique you learnt last week better this time around? Can you outdo that annoying guy who seems to know it all? These challenges offer new goals each time you head to a class or group workout, ensuring you always have something to aim for.

3. Dedicated, professional trainers
You’ll never get this when working out alone or at home. Those YouTube fitness trainers aren’t in your room helping you address your own personal fitness challenges, and helping you work on your technique. In a class, your trainers are likely to be dedicated to helping both you and a group grow and develop.

4. Easier to be motivated in a group
Whether it’s your own personal quest to hold your plank a few seconds longer than the person next to you, or simply seeing everyone develop together, motivation tends to come more easily in a group. Your peers can help to support or offer encouragement to you as well, helping you hit greater fitness heights.

5. You can be social in a group
Not everyone likes to talk when working out, but if you do, there are bound to be like-minded individuals in a group. The camaraderie and friendship develops bonds, which can act as another motivator to join classes every week. Which brings us to our next point…

6. Your group keeps you accountable
You tend to develop as a group or fail together as a group. If you’re slacking or trying to cut corners, your group or friends will call you out on it. You can fool the treadmill, but you’re not fooling your peers! It’ll be worth it in the long run.

7. Prevents boredom
You can work out with your friends, quietly chuckle at the guy trying too hard to impress, or simply observe the group dynamic. Whatever it is, no 2 classes will be the same, and even if you do begin getting bored, you can always take a different class to switch it up.

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