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I worked out for a month with my BFF and this is what happened…

My bestie and I have been besties for the last 15 years. We’ve done everything together – we’ve partied together, gotten into trouble together, we somehow also ended up becoming journalists together. So when KFit started in Kuala Lumpur and my bestie Victoria signed up for it, naturally she dragged me into it.

So this was how our first month as workout BFFs went:

Week 1

We were still dipping our toes into the sea of classes that KFit offered so we went with fun sounding classes like Jazzercise, Zumba and New York Salsa.

As we both worked in different media companies, we each had our own deadlines to meet and varying schedules. But we agreed to meet after work most days. Since classes on KFit have such a wide time range, we managed to fit in classes to suit both our schedules.

On certain days, we would take later classes near her workplace or home and others we would meet closer to my house.

The first week was full of fun, laughter and a good degree of aching muscles post-workouts. But that was just a precursor to the following weeks.

Week 2

We decided okay, we had some fun last week. It was time to try something a little more hardcore. So we signed up for a kickboxing class, continued doing our Zumba class and even tried out EMS separately.

The kickboxing class opened our eyes up to a world we had never known. Not only did we both really enjoy the class, it gave us a good fighting chance of actually kicking some ass. (Should we ever need to.)

I tried convincing Victoria to join a CrossFit session with me but to no avail. Being besties is all about compromise. We ended up trying out some yoga classes and discovered how inflexible we both were.

We ended up a lot more sore this week than the last. We also realised that we probably should have started working out a lot earlier in life. Oh, the youthful years we lost!

Week 3

This week, we decided we would up it a notch. It wasn’t easy to continuously plan our weeks in advance but we made it work with loads of communication on Sundays.

We had both been in the working world for 3 years now and we hadn’t seen much of each other. But since we started classes, we made an active effort to meet each other at least three times a week.
One of those classes was a Muay Thai class. Now, we are both not very hardcore gymmers. I mean, I had my moments but I can’t boast about my stamina much. So, we tried Muay Thai and if you’ve ever done Muay Thai you’ll understand how energy-consuming it is.

We ached for at least two days after. But at least we had each other to whine to about it.

Week 4

We continued down the martial arts road, slipping in some Zumba on days we needed to “rest” and balanced it out with yoga for flexibility.

Sure, planning still took plenty of discipline. But as we continued down this path of fitness together and watched each other grow stronger, encouraging each other to go for classes, it wasn’t so much of a chore to plan anymore.

I think I can safely speak for the both of us when I say that we really looked forward to seeing each other in class.

It has been a few months since we started our fitness journey with KFit, we have progressed so much that we both broke our first wooden boards in kickboxing on the same day.

Here’s a picture of us, proud of each other and of how far we’ve come:


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